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Monday, April 16, 2007

Back To Basic

During these holidays, I did some shopping and kinda threw away a quarter of my shirts in the wardrobe. Looking at my working clothes, it was filled with stripes and bold colour (shocking green, pink, orange) which I'm getting bored of. While stripes is still the trend but I believed it is time we go back to some basic fashion.

Stripes are definitely outstanding and trendy but it is also not that easy to match with pants and ties. Furthermore, poeple could easily remember your stripe shirts, hence one may need to continue buying more to keep it refreshing.

Similarly the bold color shirts. So I'm going back to plain whites (which is really flexible in matching pants and ties) and if plain white is too boring for you, I'll suggest a white based shirt with fine checkered lines in light pink/blue/purple or just lightly striped. Definitely suitable for the coming summer.



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