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Saturday, April 14, 2007

FYI, it's R Rated!

Now, this was the official poster for the movie Pan's Labyrinth. If you did watch Oscar recently, you would have noted this movie from Spain being nominated and won a few Oscars. From the clips shown in Oscar, I thought it was a fairy tale movie for the young at heart.

And how wrong I was. And if you are planning to buy the DVD or go to the cinema with your kids, I'll suggest you to think twice. Firstly, it's R Rated (not that it has any nude scene in it but it was really violent). In fact it was not really suitable for kids at all.

In summary, this movie is about a little girl coping with the civil war happening around her. With her father passed away, and mother's pregnancy almost full term, she had created a fairy tale world to get away from the cruel reality and loneliness.

While the fairy tale aspect in the movie was interesting especially the faun character as well as the horrible monster (pic below) but it was the real world that is being the core of the movie. In fact this is not a bad movie at all. Good for an afternoon treat.


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