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Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's a war zone!

Yes, this is my first official Songkran in Thailand. Last year, i took the opportunity to go home. And since I was in KL recently due to a training, i decided to take the opportunity to have a deserved rest. In Malaysia, at least a month before CNY and Hari Raya, we would definitely felt the mood not just at home but around the city as shopping centers would have painted the whole town red or green and bombarded us with those irritating CNY songs and Hari Raya evergreens.

In Bangkok, it's totally different. You don't really felt the Songkran festival at all. There doesn't seem to be any excitement happening even though this is supposed to mark the beggining of the Thai astrology new year. Two days before the festival, the streets had begun to quiet down, with less traffic and some street hawkers just disappeared.

And on the eve, a bunch of the operation staff came down to visit their boss, which is my boss too. It's like a tradition that they are required to pour some 'holy water' into the boss hand and wish the boss (elder) stuff. Not religious but cultural. Chinese, we kinda did too in CNY morning but that was like x-years, the Chinese in Malaysia don't really practice such formality anymore. To me, the respect is coming from the heart! :P

Bangkok was really really quiet on the Songkran morning. The streets normally filled with cars were exceptionally empty. Of course, unless I decided to visit Khao San road, which is like 20 minutes by taxi, things would have been different considering everyone in this area will be fully equipped with pails or those water pump guns and spray water at everyone.

What did I do on the first day of Songkran? At such age, i would rather just stay indoor and bored myself to death. After breakfast, I begin my DVD marathon again, starting with Saw III, then The Epic Movie, then Dreamgirls and end the day with Pan's Labyrinth (of which I will make a review of this movie in another entry). the evening, at about 10.30pm, I did make a trip to Silom, planning of making a quick trip to the clubs as well as buying a few more DVDs. Well, I was back home by 11.15pm. Reason being, Silom at night had actually became a war zone especially amongst the teens who were totally wet from head to toes, face filled with white flours, most hawkers are selling water gun and the street is literally wet. I only watched them enjoying their time from the skytrain station. I'm dressed too properly and not planning of getting it wet and dirty!

It's really nice to see the teens having fun being given the official permission to have a water gun fight on the street, shooting at anyone without offending anyone. And the impressive thing is that these teens are coming from all around Bangkok to get themselves wet!!!!

Me, I rather stay home and just rest (getting older mah!).


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