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Monday, April 16, 2007

Talking About the Bread

After more than a year in Bangkok, I finally found a restaurant that provides Teh-C Ice. Not surprise since the shop originates from either Malaysia/Singapore. Located in one of the trendiest shopping mall in Bangkok, BreadTalk, perhaps is one of the trendiest bakery in town. Besides being a bakery, BreadTalk also operate a cafe like place, called Toast Box.

If you happen to be in Central World on the 3rd floor, you may notice a few banners indicating that ToastBox is now open with some very vague arrow guiding you to the shop. However, one you arrived at the area, you will not able to see a restaurant or cafe with ToastBox sign. Since I did not realise it was operated by BreadTalk, it took me a while to find it, after criss-crossing the arrows on the banner. The ToastBox sign is actually inside the shop, made of glass/plastic. If the shop intend to create awareness, it clearly fails. The management definitely need to firm up with its Marketing 101 knowledge.

The main menu in this shop is all about toast. For set menu, there are 3 sets, covering the Thick Toast set, the Traditional Toast set and the Soft Bun Toast set. Each set came with a Toast, 2 half-boiled eggs and a cup of hot beverage (i.e coffee or tea). And I'm quite impress of its flexibility of allowing me to change the hot drink to a cold one with additional of 10 baht only.

I ordered the Thick Toast set, with a thick piece of toast with peanut butter. the set cost me 100 baht. If i'm to order a similar set in a Kopitiam in KL, it would have cost me about RM5 (around 50 baht). Considering the shop is air-conditioned, nicely decorated, 100 baht seems quite okay for a brunch. Anyway, let's get to the food. The toast is quite nice, nothing extraordinary but nice. And they even cut the toast into squares so that you need not to use your hand or required a fork and knife to eat it. The amount of peanut butter is also quite generous. The only weakness maybe, it need to be toasted a little longer to have that crunchiness.

The eggs were okay. Not too rare and not too cooked. However, it was lukewarm when served. Perhaps the management could think of something to ensure it is hot. And please provide us with a bigger plate/bowl. I'm not sure how Thais eat their half-boiled egg but most Malaysian will scrambled it and dunk their toast in it. That's how we like it. And how can one not have the critical and compulsory Soya Sauce. Instead a dark vinegar was provided. Totally disappointed with this fact.

The Teh-C was okay. Taste just like one in kopitiam.

I'm definitely going back especially for the toast and Teh-C. Half boiled egg? I'll think about it.

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