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Friday, April 06, 2007

Rojak Part 3: The Hotel with the ‘heavenly stuff & staff’

My trip back to KL this time was mainly due to a training program. To my surprise, the training was held in a popular hotel located in the golden triangle of KL. Since my company’s office in Malaysia is located in PJ, one would have expected the training to be within that city.

Since the training activities of my ex-employer were normally held in this hotel, I’m quite happy about the decision until, of course I learnt about the room rate. Not that I have to pay for it but still, RM450++ per nite was really absolutely over-priced. And to make it worst, the room rate do not come with internet access, of which one had to pay RM60 per day! And also, even if two people checked-in into the room, the breakfast is only applicable for one person. For a whopping price of RM70, the breakfast is definitely not cheap.

And if you were still wondering which hotel is this, well it’s WESTIN.

After telling you some of the horror stuff coming from this hotel, let me tell you something positive about this hotel. With such pricing, one would definitely expect tip-top service and quality, of which I believed the hotel did.

If you were to browse the website of Westin, you would have been reminded of its ‘heavenly’ products from the heavenly bed to the heavenly shower. While the bed is not really heavenly, but it was not bad either. Quite fluffly and comfortable. Not too hard and not too soft. While I had not the opportunity of using the bath tub but the shower was quite nice as well. Besides the conventional overhead shower, it also had this shower which shoots water horizontally. In the evening, the staff would knock on your door, offering to fill up the ice-tub with ice.

In general, the staff are very professional and nice though there are a few points of which I would like to highlight to the management (if you are reading this!). Firstly, I’m quite surprise that the hotel is employing so many foreign workers who are not so fluent in both English and Malay. But I also do not blame the management on this considering our Malaysians are being such snobbish and picky about jobs.

The staff manning the front desk and lobby are excellent though some times one can feel them being ‘over-act’ their niceness. Just be more natural and nice, not necessarily overly nice. It looks very obvious.

Coming to its ‘heavenly’ breakfast, I really find it enjoyable especially the bakery section, hiding towards the back. The yoghurt, the compote, the waffle, the baguette French toast and the fresh fruit smoothies are really excellent. The lady chef manning the smoothie section was very nice and friendly, and even take the effort of offering me a full glass of smoothie while I was waiting for my French toast. However the other staff manning this section really needs a whipped! Firstly, their priority seems to be pouring those smoothies into sampling glasses and bring it out and give to the patrons while those who wanted to order one were somehow ignored. And to the male chef on that Saturday morning, perhaps you are not feeling well or your request to have sex with your wife in the morning got rejected, that is really not my problem. Your black face and unwillingness of making me that strawberry-grapes smoothie really irritates me. At that moment, I really wanted to splash the smoothie right into his face.



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