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Saturday, March 15, 2008

30 Minutes (to complete this entry)

This week, numbers seem to be something that keeps appearing in my life. From Madonna's 4 Minutes to Rent's 525600 minutes and now i have approx. 30 minutes to work on this entry.

I'm basically back to where i was about 2 years ago, during my first few weeks in Bangkok, that this nice internet centre was my camping place for either a Sat or Sun afternoon for me to hook up to the net.

It's been 2 weeks i've moved into my new place, and practically 3 weeks since I told the agent to apply for the cable tv and internet, and nothing has yet to happen. I did finally called up the owner today and it seems there will be people coming over tomorrow to work on it. Crossing my bloody finger.

Things seems to be getting better, as my mobile phone is currently in the Motorola service center being fixed after waiting for 6 bloody weeks for the board. If it's still not arrive, i would had written a very nasty letter to every Motorola office. Fortunately for them, they just made it in time.

A technician came over this morning to look into my washing machine but claimed something is wrong and will come back next week to replace some parts. Things are progressing...

Hopefully, everything will be settled by next weekend...hopefully.

Next week will be another practically busy week with lots of meetings, proposals and reports...which is also good...keep me away from thinking negative stuff. I needed the concerntration...

Okay...that's it for this entry. Not really in the creative mood to write about the post-election in Malaysia or the 'when is it going to be stable' politics in Thailand.


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