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Monday, March 24, 2008

How much are you wearing?

This is an entry which i have been trying to write for the past 2 weeks but just can't get myself to really work on it. The current workload and the situation with my new home are strong barriers. Will talk about that in my next entry. But let's get on with this one.

It was while I'm in the train to work that I suddenly realise that most of us are actually wearing lots of blings to work. It's like having tons of cash in our pockets and yet we are so casual about it. Perhaps it's because that while these stuff that we have on our body are generally worthless but we did pay a lot to own it. Looking at myself and the stuff i'm having:
1. Motorola phone: (purchase price) 15000 baht
2. Motorola bluetooth headset: (pp) 2000baht
3. Fujitsu notebook (company's): possibly worth 35000 baht
4. Data and reports inside notebook: priceless (millions perhaps!)
5. Cash in wallets (er...that morning i was having almost 10,000 baht!)
6. Attires (pp) probably 3000 baht

Now imagine for those with the Oakley specs, with the Ipods or those with the Prada shoes, VeraWang design...gosh....and yet we are being so casual about it.

So..before you go out to work next time, calculate again...HOW MUCH ARE YOU WEARING TODAY?


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