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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Curiously Ridiculous

Was trying to find a word that ryhmes with ridiculous and the only one that came on top of my mind was curious...hence the aptly inappropriate title.

Anyway...don't ask me where I have been since it's been weeks since i've updated this blog. Anyway, this entry is about my favorite fast food restaurant. Unfortunately, this is a negative feedback.

Recently, McD begin changing a number of its outlets into McCafe outlets, which is a combination of the beloved fast food restaurant and a upmarket cafe. Imagine Starbucks+McDonalds (McBucks? StarDonalds?). Anyway, while the concept is good and supposed to expand its consumer base to cater for the yuppies but I just find the ordering of its products a bit annoying and ridiculous. Or am I the one that's being ridiculous?

Perhaps I was being spoilt by Starbucks that i would prefer a big mug of Coffee rather than a small shot (i.e the McD gourmet coffee). But at the same time, I like the McD burger menu. Therefore, I will end up ordering a burger or a McMuffin and then the a regular latte.

As a consumer, I would expect to just place the order with one cashier counter. But the McD management (at least here in Bangkok) have a different idea. They decide to separate the McCafe adn the McDonald's counters. Therefore, I will need to queue and order the latte from one counter, then move on for anoter queue and then order the burger from another counter. I really do not care what was the rationale behind such concept but from a consumer point of view, it's totally ridiculous.

I recalled in Malaysia, there's this McD outlet of which you have to order the dessert from the dessert counter, which is actually another ridiculous idea. The concept behind the Dessert Counter was to cater for On-the-Go consumers who just want a Sundae Cone or a McFlurry while those who want the full meal could go for the main counter.

Imagine if McD in Thailand applied the same ridiculous (have you counted how many times i have used the word 'ridiculous'?) concept, I'll will have to end up going to three counters (queue three times) just to have a burger, a latte and a dessert. It's RIDICULOUS!!!

And for the McD management who happened to be reading this, your McCafe concept kinda suck. Firstly you are no Starbucks, so don't go there. Offering WiFi means you encourage people to visit your outlets and used the laptop to surf the net for hours...but you don't provide plug points. Isn't that RIDICULOUS? It's like offering French Fried but no Ketchup. RIDICULOUS!

McD coffee at Starbucks price...RIDICULOUS!

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