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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Desperate! Desperate! Desperate!

One of the thing when you are living alone in another country, one of the key concern is about getting sick. And when i get sick, i'll get real desperate to get heal. After having two nights of McWings and couple hours of sleep, the bacteria finally won over.

When the sore throat came, the first thing i did was to go over to Watson and bought a pack of Strepsils Plus, as I have a dinner meeting with my client. After dinner and a night out with the client to one of the most fabulous club/bar/restaurant in Bangkok, I knew I'm going to suffer like hell tomorrow with the sore throat.

So...on Saturday after class, i got desperate. Strepsils do not work, so I decided to go herbal. Growing up with a conservative mum, you will tend to be a bit knowledgeable about chinese herbs. And the basic product that you need when you are heaty, is Barley. Unfortunately, the big Hypermarket near my house have almost all kinds of beans (from red beans to green beans) but not Barley. Let me repeart...NOT BARLEY. WTF! Without choice, i got some chrysathemum powder and start to drink lots of warm water.

Without feeling better, i knew i had to get anibiotics...good ones. Got it in one of those small pharmacy at exorbitant price, i took in one in the evening but hell, it's not working. Then my next desperate moment get me into the net...and through one of the site, it seems that gargling with salt water (lots of salt) in the morning could help. And guess what...i did it this morning..and it work a bit. I think couple with the antibiotic, it is starting to work. But...the cough and cold could be coming.....

Desperate Desperate Desperate................



  • At 9:16 AM, Anonymous t.o.Ang said…

    dried chrysathemum + ginseng roots boiling for 30 minutes will b a good cure. Drink a lot of water (room temperature). NOT chrysathemum POWDER la...


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