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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Taking A Bow: Reviewing The Path Ahead

As we reach into our early thirties, changes in our life seems to really begin. After my departure from the company that I’ve spent my six excellent years, others also began their departure. Those departures that really make an impact are from those who have been with the company for more than 5 years and they are all in their early thirties.

And what was it that makes us made such a drastic decision? I mean we were all in our ‘prime time’. We are almost the ‘who and who’ in the company, not just locally but perhaps regionally. Yet our decision to depart means that we are likely to start all over again in the new company we are venturing to. Is that worth the risk?

Everyone had their reasons (or so we claimed) of making the decision. And these are my thoughts. After graduation, we may take a year or two hopping from job to job to find our true career (not applicable for doctors though!). Once we get that, we spare no time to put our 110% to work on it, climbing up and established ourselves. In doing so, we somehow sacrifice our personal life. By the time we hit our 30s, we would have about 5 years plus in the career that we chosen and would have at least accomplished something in our career. We are likely to be in a situation where we are very clear of where we want to be and who we want to be. While they are those crazy ‘S-Oles’ who will continue their aggressiveness to reach the top, they are also people like us who decided to stop for a short while, enjoy the moment (at least for a year or two) before we speed up again.

Some may not agree with our decision to stop and enjoy for a while (at least not my ex-boss). But looking back to my six crazy years, though I enjoy every moment of it, I also lose out in enjoying another part of my life, which I’m supposed to have AND which I’m now having. Catching movies as and when I like, spending hours in Starbucks, visit the gym more frequently and so on.

I guess it is not a bad idea (at all!) to really stop for a short while to review the path ahead of us. Instead of being very determine with that one very clear path ahead, there’s nothing wrong to stop and look around for (perhaps) some other path at the side that we could have missed. These paths may lead to the same destination but longer yet provide much better scenery along the way. And if we were to die along the way (without reaching the destination) at least we did enjoy some sceneries.
So if you are in your early 30s, think about what I’ve just said. Forget about what your boss or mentor might say. “It’s up to you, NEW YORK NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!”

[Update: I would recommend everyone to watch Adam Sandler's CLICK to know what I'm trying to say here]


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