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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Normal (Again)

After a hectic last week, life is getting back to its normal self, except for this specific moment where I’m writing this article and also the Michael Bolton’s review at the same time. And of course, my first experience in losing my mobile phone. Oh…and I’m gonna curse whoever who took my phone till your anus bleed. BTA, that gives me a reason to buy the Motorola Slvr (or was it Rokr?)[UPDATED: It's a ROKR V3i]…though there goes the money that I have been saving for months (which is why the curse, considering the tough situation I’m in and will be for at least the coming 3-4 years).

What would life be without a mobile phone? To you people out there, it may be a hell but I really do not see much difference since I rarely used my phone. Furthermore, there goes that concern feeling that someone with call me or sms me. There goes that concern feeling that it will get lost, got dropped, etc etc etc.

So much for normal. Can’t get into my usual Starbucks (cos it’s freaking crowded) and ended up at a further up outlet with absolutely no plug point and full with shopping crowds. Survivor Cook Island started and so is Amazing Race 10. Weekday nights will be even hectic, thankfully CSI NY ended.


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