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Monday, September 11, 2006

Between Left & Right: Of China and India

This is the entry about an adventure on a blissful Sunday. Waking up at 9am, I found myself having a coarse voice, after clubbing for 2 straight nites and too much alcohol. SInce the Floating market tour was spoiled (the tour was fully booked), my friend (Go1) finally decided to visit the Museum of Forensic Science (where they kept all those bodies in different stages of dying, the organs and stuff..mostly for medical students to gnaw at it). We took a boat trip, which costed us 18baht per person, walked through a university and found that it was closed! If you do plan on visiting this museum, please remember that it is closed on Sunday.

We decided to head to Chinatown (not in our schedule) since it's on the way back. This will be my second trip to Chinatown after the disastrous first time. So I'm a bit scared of getting lost again. To make it worst, Go1 did not bring along the Lonely Planet GUide (which had a route map). So we had to rely on our wits and the tourguide on the boat, telling us to walk straight and turn right (that's all we heard through the speaker with his not so amzing English). On the main road, we found a sign stating 'walking street to China town'...and we happily headed that way (though it's turning left!). Walking through the small and crowded street was a challenge. Both sides of the small 'soi' were filled with wholesalers and those independent biz people (with just one small table, etc.).

After going through 3 such streets, we found ourselve not in Chinatown but in Indian Street. Signs with Indian names, shops with Sarees, Indian food were clearlynoted. We question ourselves again that the sign did say walking street to Chinatown. So we walked a short bit of this Indian Street and decided to turn back to the main road that we came from. Instead of going through the soi again, we took on the main street, a few turns here and there, we bumped into the Thieves market and then noted signboards with Chinese words. We knew then we had got ourselves into Chinatown.

We began our search for that famous noodle restaurant. Took us a while but finally saw the restaurant. Had a good rest, a quick meal of egg noodles with roasted duck and wanton plus a big jug of chinese chrysanthemum tea. We knew it's time to head home. Asked the owner for the route to get to the pier. As we get out of Chinatown back to the main road, we found ourselves opposite of where we initially turned. Why did we turn left in the first place?


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