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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Michael Bolton Singing Swingin’ It

There are so many ways to start this review that I decided to go straight into it. Some of you may be aware that I’m trying to get hold of a Bootleg version of Michael Bolton’s Second Time Around CD. While got it few days ago, listening it for the second time around, and hence this review.
Before I go track by track analysing nagging, I just want to say one thing. He ain’t no Michael Bublé.
You Go To My Head – A good and smooth song to kick off the album. However, I still don’t think Bolton’s voice is suitable for jazzy stuff. Nevertheless, a good track.
Fly Me To The Moon – I’ve heard Bublé and Westlife versions, did Robbie have one as well? Bublé still the best. This jazzed up version is definitely great for an evening chat session. [And what’s so special with Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte…taste like a normal latte to me though they are charging a freaking price for it.]
For Once In My Life – Nothing much to shout about. Did Westlife make a fool of themselves with this track?
Summer Wind – Another ‘can be forgotten’ track. Could be due to the consistent arrangement since track one.
My Funny Valentine – Now this is supposed to be a nice track. But with a much slowed down arrangement and Bolton’s voice, it kinda creeps me out. It’s like the saddest song EVER!
I’ve Got You Under My Skin – Now what is wrong with the producer? While the previous track was so damn sad, this track was so damn upbeat and happy.
That’s Life – started off with itsy bitsy of country style. Soon after Bolton’s voice came and overwhelmed the music. Definitely not my favorite track.
The Second Time Around – the intro reminds me of Nicole Kidman and who’s that guy in Moulin Rouge. Nicole Sheridan’s vocal here is not distinctive enough and most of the time, seems to being overpowered by Bolton. But nice track.
The Girl From Ipanema – a salsa + jazz track. Quite stylish and thankfully, Bolton put some effort in blending with the music. Nice!
Night And Day – too big band-ish. Would be better if they jazzed it up more.
They Can’t Take That Away From Me – A nice familiar track but I believe Bublé could do better or even Westlife. BTA, Mark of Westlife may end up ruining this track with his R&B-ish vocal.
New York New York – Not even sure why Bolton wanted to sing this track. NY NY has always been to me a female song, no thanks to Liza Milleni. With John Travolta cross dressing for HairSpray, there’s nothing one would not do these days. By the way, this is the last track. And now I wish there were more tracks.

Well…despite my regular comparison with Michael Bublé (they do share the same initial!), it is still a nice album to buy (maybe as Christmas present). But if you already have every Bublé albums, you may want to give this a skip. But if you only have Westlife’s, PLEASE go out and get this one to replace that horrible Westlife’s album.


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