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Monday, September 11, 2006

Of Head, Hand and Leg: The Quest for the Buddha Statue

Whenever there are friends visiting Bangkok over the weekend, I'll surely bring them to Chatuchak weekend market, because things are way cheaper there and you can find almost anything.

We reached the market at about 11am and it's already filled with shoppers. Besides me and Go1, I also had another group of friends, Go5 visiting the market. Since Go5 were in Section 22, the section with those trendy t-shirts, we decided to start our exploration there as well. However, our explore route seems to be different, hence we never get to bump into each other.

Anyway, we spent quite a long time exploring the shops and mazes, covering the Section 20s+ to the Section 16+. We passed by the wood craft section, and Go1 got into his act and began his quest for the Buddha body parts. After checking prices for a few heads with a few shop owners, Go1 finally found his Buddha head. Unfortch, the shop did not have a Buddha hand made of wood. So we continued our quest for the Buddha hand. Since I did not know how to admire these crafts, I clearly just went along, practicing my negotiation skills in Thai language. We finally got the hand at a very reasonable price. The only thing left was the leg. Tired and hungry, I got into my sarcastic mode and start questioning Go1 if there's a Buddha pee-nus and bootockz. I called Go5, hopefully to meet up for lunch but his decision of switching his Thai and Malaysia sim-card really annoyed me. Not able to contact him, we decided to head for lunch ourselves. Had a nice Briyani Chicken Rice, fried-oyster with egg and a nice cup of cold milk tea.

We regained a bit of our strength but due to the amount of stuff we already bought and the ever flaring sun, we were tired soonafter. I started to get moody again; my bag was heavy with 9 pieces of T-shirt, a pack of Chinese sausages, the umbrella, two books, two bottles of Simple facial cleanser, a pair of Bermuda pants, 4 pairs of stockings and 100,000 baht in cash [it's complicated how this cash got into the bag]. Go1 was not good himself, with the 5 packs of cashew nuts (1kg per pack) and the Buddha stuff; we just don't feel like exploring anymore. We made a very quick decision to head home just to drop our heavy items and came back (again). And we did so.
It's already 4pm when we returned, and with most of the needed items bought, we decided to purely explore the rest of the market. A few quick here and there, we headed into the Pets section. Lots of Golden Retrievers, Poodles and stuff but we can't seem to find the Fish section. Unlike the other Sections, the pets section layout is slightly different and could be quite confusing. Hence the maze effect was quite effective that we found ourselves waking round and round in search for the Fish Section. We headed home without exploring this hidden section. Need more rest for clubbing tonite.


  • At 8:14 AM, Blogger tihtahpah said…

    I heard they are closing down Chatuchak market. I've been there twice..but really my favourite place in Thailand is Ayuthaya..


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