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Saturday, September 16, 2006

He Talk, She Talk, They Talk (Shall We Talk?)

Watching these people in Starbuck can be quite amazing. I mean they just can’t stop talking. There’s a middle age couple, I guess friends, talking non stop There’s this group of middle and old peeps, I guess tourist, yakking away. There’s a threesome whispering over their notebook. Then there’s this family also talking non-stop. I mean, you already talking to each other daily at home…what is there to talk about anymore? Is there really so much to talk about? Similarly to those people with their mobile phone, especially in the subway or LRT. They just talk and talk over the phone. Standing, they talk, Sitting they talk. Walking they talk. Is there really so much to talk about? Don’t they get tired with all these talking? From a Physic point of view, energy could not be disposed off; they just convert to a different energy. With so much talking happening, I wonder what happen to these energies. The sound energy that got into our ears and then covert to nodes to send to our brain…and then what? It would be nice if we could have some kind of tool that could convert this energy to power (electricity or fuel). Or we can recharge our mobile phone just by talking. Why can’t someone try to think to develop this. I’m sure it could be done if we could make our wristwatch battery free by having this mechanism that converts the kinetic energy to power up the watch. Now…I definitely would like to get some royalties for whoever who took this idea from me and develop it.


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