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Monday, September 25, 2006

She Never Smile (At All)

Sometimes I do wonder why people still stick to their job if they are not happy at all. Just an example about this tea lady in the gym I frequent. She manned the beverage counter, cleaning the glasses and cups, fill up the jug with drinking water and at times get out from the counter to collect the used cups/glasses some lazy idiots customers left behind.

Personally, I have never seen her smile or showing a bright, positive facial expression. Everytime, it's a 'dark' moody face as if WE are making her life miserable, we are the one who gave her work to do and perhaps, we are the one who make her life sexless.

When she took up this job, I believed she was and still is fully aware of her job why the 'no sex for ages' face, madam?

And to the outlet manager of this gym, the one very near to the SkyTrain, do once in a while, take a look at your staff manning the beverage counter and experiecnce that 'guilty' feeling she's making us felt. (Madam, I sincerely apologise for making you wash the cup I drank and also for imagining you having a sexless life).

To me, if the job is so unbearable, I would have just quit.


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