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Saturday, September 23, 2006

And I Begin to Wonder: Pets & Languages

While on the way to buy my Chaa Yen (ice milk tea aka Teh Ais) this morning, I came across a homeless woman with her dog doing her morning routine. Suddenly I heard dogs barking and seems that her dog was having an argument with another dog. So this woman was scolding her dog in Thai. And it makes me wonder if the argument between the dogs are also in Thai.

On my way back, I came across another woman screaming at 4 mischevious cats in Thai. At that point, questions arised in my mind in terms of the communication between owner and their pets and between pets itself.

Malaysians, coming from a multi-racial and multi-cultural country, spoke at least 2-3 languages. Hence I wonder if the pets in Malaysia could also speak in different languages. When a Malaysia dog bark or cat meow, is that bark/meow any different from the dog/cat in Thailand?

If a cat in Malaysia managed to travel to Thailand, could this cat communicate effectively with the cats in Thailand? Hmmm......

Or a cat belongs to a Mandarin speaking owner (who had been brainwashing the cat with Mandarin) suddenly got longs and end up in a Hindi speaking home. How fast could the cat learn the new language? And would this make the cat smarter than other cats? And how easy will it be for a Mandarin brainwashed cat communicate with a Hindi brainwashed cat?

And that my friend, is my last blog for this week...unless something interesting happen tonight or tomorrow.
BTW, I got a new mobile phone already (yay!) and I'm broke! (waaaaaa!) More nagging on my phone next week.


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