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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Homebound, Clueless & Uncertain

My scoop on the coup...

It’s almost 2pm now, I’ve been spending my time basically checking emails, updating myself with the local English news and international news over the internet, exchanging emails with friends, YM-ing with my bro…so this is just to update you all what’s it like being here now.

It was quite a relieved to learn that today is a holiday, the coup was a success without any bloodshed, TV is back to normal after the 9am announcement (except all international news network are still off the air).
Looking out at my window, it’s drizzling, some rich idiots are enjoying their golf session, the construction workers are busy building up the condo/apartment. The Skytrain is in operation, taxi and public buses are also in operation. Also noted some cars and people moving about.

The mobile line was up again (finally), managed to contact a few people here. Once it strike 10am, I decided not to get out to get myself some groceries (long story!). Surprisingly everything was quite normal. No army personnel or police officers along the streets. Everything just like a normal weekend (a quite weekend though). As I reached the main junction, I noted three army personnel with their scary snipers. But everyone including the HK tourists acted like normal. Little eye contact, calm and alert.

As I reach the Hypermarket, it was quiet. No End of the World shoppers. So…to me, it’s just an extra holiday for now. How is the martial law going to be? I’m just as clueless as you. All I knew is about media control and no public gathering of more than 5 people. Curfews? Is there? At least I know I’ll stay indoor the whole of today. HBO is still on. I have a few DVDs yet to watch.

Let’s just hope that this will continue to be a peaceful transition and everything is back to normal as soon as possible. Can’t bear to see the baht depreciate.

Last but not least, thanks to everyone who keep me companied since yesterday night.


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