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Saturday, September 23, 2006

That's His Goal

After a few walks across the music stalls and repetitively heard Shayne Ward's songs being played, I decided to give it a try. His first song that was being played over Thailand was No Promises (over VH1) while his first ever single, his winning track in X-Factor, That's My Goal is finally seen being played over Channel V for the past 2 -3 weeks.

The album comes with 13 tracks, mostly slow ballads (clearly targeting at the teens, especially females). Like many UK artiste, this album comes with quite a number of cover versions, which I found to be not-intresting. Just like what the judges regularly complaint in American Idol on originality, I found this album sounds more like Shayne's own Karaoke collection. No originality and nothing special about it. For example, a few times of hearing I Cry, I begin to feel I'm listening to Westlife.

Besides, the two singles mentioned above, there are indeed a few outstanding tracks. What About Me is one of them. A nice soft ballad with strong piano influence. Another track is definitely Someone To Love. Starting off sounding like Aguilera's I Turn to You, but somehow Shayne managed this track well.

The last track is a live recording of his Over The Rainbow performance in X-Factor. I've never heard Katharine McPhee's version in American Idol, but it was nothing much to shout about. I've heard a much better version coming from Everything But The Girl.

If you are looking for an album full of lovey dovey songs, this is definitely an album for you.


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