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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Scoop the Soup Coup

Believed it or not, it has almost been 4 days since the Sept 19 incident. And thank whoever it is up there (if there's one) that no bloodshed or violence until now except yesterday evening with about 100 idiots people staging a peaceful protest in front of the main shopping center. Not that I totall support the incidence but compared to what is happening in other countries, I totally say aye to it.

If this person and his aide has been innocence, genuine and honest all this while, I wonder why there is a need for these people running away to another country. If you are not guilty, nothing will happen to you. The fact that they cowardly ran away cleary indicate something fishy. No?

The Thai students in Oxford complaint about it...but guys should look at the situation since February. And please get back to your studies! Oxford or not, study first, talk later.

The US is not happy about it and made such fart noises and suprisingly, I'm not hearing any complaints from them on Hungary (the so-called peaceful protest!), the recent violence in Indonesia and what about the claimed from Pakistan that the US government threatened to bomb the country back to Stone Age. That is the US so-call Democracy which is supposedly good for people since blood had been spilled.

Well, I leave it to you to decide.


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