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Sunday, September 28, 2008

You Have Been Activated

After the Batman craze, it has been weeks since I found myself in the cinema. And with the Summer movie season gone, there's really not much great movies coming along. Then there was this movie called "Eagle Eye" which had Steven Spielberg billed to it. should be good right? Er...................

Well, in general, it's not bad. Similar to "Wanted", it has the interesting teaser, the overall concept of the story but kinda fail when showing the audience the whole truth behind the story.
But let's talk about Shia Le Bouf. Again, he played the same character that we get to know him through Transformers and Indiana Jones. A cocky young kid. Perhaps the only difference this time is that we get to see his character matured over time and he finally learnt about responsibilities.

Overall, the movie is filled with fast paced action, the car scene chase was really crazy that you just do not know what's happening and how it's happening. That's something I find it annoying in this movie.

Coming to an hour of the movie, the truth behind the story was revealed, though it might still take a while for those who are not that knowledgeable about modern technology. And, i'm not going to spoil the movie by revealing it here but just don't expect to find the villain being some terrorist, cause it's not.

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