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Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Third Day...

It was really not that nice that I find myself enjoying this quiet and peaceful moment here in the National Museum of Singapore while the situation back in Bangkok is getting worse. But anyway, this will just be a short entry as I have yet to write the er...not so eventful activities for the past 2 days.

It's raining outside and plus the quite ambience of the museum really make the moment in Novus, the restaurant here so much more pleasurable. This museum if you asked me is not your conventional museum where you expect to be filled with ancient stuff or what i called antique! The building is really modern and filled with artsy stuff and design mainly because it also being a venue for art exhibition. I did not really venture into both the main galleries as I find it not that appealing (one is the History Gallery while the other is the Living Gallery). I'm more expecting arts exhibition but nothing was on for the week. Hence, here i am....enjoying my Ice Lavender Blend tea, the cool environment, the rain dripping outside...with an almost non-audible jazz music coming from the inside of the restaurant.

For the past two days it had been eating and travelling around Singapore in the car...not really a place for Shopping especially if one has been living for months in Bangkok; specifically when it is not a mega sale period here. I would rather go back and shop till i drop in Chatuchak. Heee....

Okay, i'm done here. I hope the protest situation in Singapore will end soon....


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