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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Around Thailand in 4 hours...

I'm pretty tired at the moment, not because of the 'tour de Thailand' this morning but from the crazy new Body Combat choreograph that's killing my thighs. Oh...this entry is about my trip to Samut Prakan this morning.

Well, with only 4 hours plus of sleep, it was really amazing that I manage to survive the tour of which my friend arrive at my place around 7.45am! We reached the Ancient City (Muang Boran) aroudn 8.30am and started our tour in a small golf cart (as it's still early and we do not wish to wait for others to come and get into the trem).

The Ancient City is about 600 hectres and one will not be able to complete the tour within a day by walking. It's pretty huge. The layout was designed in a way that it is a replica of Thailand, ie. that when you enter, you'll be entering the Southern region first, then the tour guide brought us to Central, then Bangkok, central again, then Northeast and finally Northern region before we stop for lunch at the so-called 'floating market', which is quite a sad one.

Throughout the tour we just walk a bit, sat a lot and hear the guide telling us history about each place that we stopped. Most of the places were really interesting and definitely lots of stories and folklore behind it.

You have to be there early in the morning as it will not be that hot and you would finish everything by 1pm. But then again, i felt that the half day tour was really too rush and lots of great places that we never stop. Perhaps when my friends came visit Bangkok, i'll try to get them to visit this place...we can then rent the golf cart ourselves though it's quite expensive; 300baht per hour for a 4 seater.

More pictures from the Anciet City can be found here.



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