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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Even Stars had its Flaws

It was Friday, the end of the work week. Crazy morning & afternoon. So when a client called for dinner & drinks, I just grab it. Can't blame me for that since she wanted to introduce me to her colleague of which I've been communicating for a potential bio-tech study weeks ago and it has been a while since we last went out for dinner/drinks. In addition, I also need to inform her about my MD's decision of rejecting her invitation for participating in her global seminar early Dec.

anyway, she was meeting with the event manager of Marriott Resorts and Spa to run through the venues and stuff, so she decided to have the dinner and drinks there as well. Initially, we planned to have it at one the main restaurant, serving barbequed seafood but it was just too packed and hot that we decided to move to another restaurant within this spacious and beautiful hotel.

It's called the Traver's Din. A very nice restaurant with quite interesting menu from Asian to western. even the drinks are a plenty, including one that called Suffering Bastard. I just go safe and order my usual Mojito, which was not bad but could have been better in terms of the presentation as well as the drink itself. Firstly the glass that it came with looks too normal and cheap, like some normal clear glass one would get in the Chinese restaurant. It should have come in a high tall glass. As I sip the drink from the straw, my tongue felt something sandy from it. Upon further checking, it's sugar. A good cocktail bartender would have make sure the drink is well mixed and prepared. Still can't beat Sirocco at that.

The event manager ordered for us some appetizers which were not that exciting or unique but the BBQ ribs is excellent. Tender meat with the right sweet bbq sauce. However, an area that the staff was careless on is the condiment plate. Although it's only a condiment, presentation of this aspect is also important considering the status of the restaurant. There was mustard on the side of the plate, some kind of stain as well. Just doesn't look proper.

As for the main meal, I have the San Francisco Prawns, price at 750baht, mind you. Since it is a fine dining restaurant, one would have expect a long wait for the main meal to arrive, which it did. As it arrived, the dish looks quite appealing, seven large prawn covered with orangie cream sauce and surrounded by asparagus and tomato. Then there's the side dish of warm white rice. Unlike Chinese meal where the rice is one of the main component, here the rice is simply thrown in as a side dish, like the baked potato or the chips when you ordered the steak.

The taste of the prawns was great. Fresh and succulent. And the sauce was just right. Not too creamy and not too salty, with a tinge of the sweet Chardonnay mixed in, just make it perfect.

Overall, I would give the experience a 7.5 out of 1o. 1 point for the loud music. I mean people are dining and chatting and we have to really shout to one another. 0.5 point for the condiment presentation and 1 point for the Mojito.

Well, we finally left the place at 11pm feeling well-fed and a good social session.

Next up, a restaurant in Pattaya. Beware, cause this heartless auditor is coming to town!

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