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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Taking the flight out

Taking an early flight out have a few advantages…one of it being a fast trip to the airport without any traffic jams and it only cost you 200baht via a non-highway route.
The disadvantages being the concern of waking up late and missing the flight that one would rather stay up the whole night. Couple with the fact that I have a team outing which involve dinner and bowling (plus two Bacardi Coke) and the fact that I have not fully packed my stuff yet.

Upon reaching home at 11.30pm, I start to sort out shirts and stuff which required to be pack and at the same time played Sex and The City Season Four. If I was to watch any other movies, I believed I would have fallen asleep within minutes (one good experience being Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest).

There I was switching between watching the series and packing, and lying on the couch until 3am that I finally took the much needed shower, dressed up and packed up, locked the luggage and continue with SaTC until 4.30am that I decided to call the cab.

I still remembered my first experience with the morning flight of which I woke up at 5.30am (fortunately I was fully packed), get out of the building within 5 minutes, took a cab and reached the airport at 6.10am, just one of the last few person to check in before the counter close. That was a close call and of which I tried to stay away from morning flight after that. Which is why I decided to stay up the night and feeling cranky, hoping this dripping black coffee from Starbucks would help.

If there is any specific topic that I was planning to write, I have totally forgot about it. It’s 6am now…I better get into boarding gate since the crew told me today’s flight is FULL.

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