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Saturday, October 27, 2007

My First Real Encounter

If the movie Encounter of the Third Kind was about alien, I wonder what is the first and second kind? It's 5.45am now. About 30 minutes earlier, i had my first real encounter with a ghost. Although I do believed in the existence of ghost but i have never really experience facing it before. And scientifically, ghost are basically energy being or essence of energy.

Here's what happen. I kinda woke up on the couch and decided to move into the bedroom. Hence i was lying on the bed, not fully asleep but just lied there with my eyes close. After a while or not sure exactly what time but i did hear something and felt it too. I could felt someone just get onto my bed, i did heard the sound the bed made. Since i was sleeping on a side position, i could feel the chilling effect on my back. the goosebumps, the hair raising a bit.

It is very clear that something was beside or in this case behind me. I was in a dilemma of whether to turn or not. In that particular moment that i decided to turn, i felt a 'being' on top of me. Not really heavy but it was having a whole body lying on top of me and i just couldn't turn. I tried to yell but all it came out was just a tiny shriek. Then my sight became blurrish or like seeing things in some kind of weird dimension. I felt a bit light headed, hence i decided to go with the flow and relaxed. A few seconds later, i felt the 'essence of energy' on top of me gone. I cannot felt its presence anymore.

I lied down for a few more minutes just to be sure and then I turned. It's gone...for now.

I was not scared but panic, yes i was. Hmmm...i wonder what it was looking for.



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