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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Out Of Stock

Do you know that coming up with a title for the entry is so damn difficult. Anyway, just like how it came suddenly to me in Hanoi, it also suddenly went away last week. Or the IT guy in my office decide to disable my wireless card again. Can anyone help? I’ve tried the properties, checked this and that, yet it seems to be okay but I just can’t detect any wireless network! This is so frustrating. of the dangerous of going to Chathuchak market is that one will end up buying stuff not because it is really cheap but the stuff there are just within the expected budget and look above average too.

So I visited the market this afternoon. Has been at least 2 months since I last went. And today the weather is so nice that it will be crazy not to go. Anyway, I ended up buying 8 shirts. EIGHT! That’s not even within my plan. I would have purchase more if it’s not because the shop ran out of stock. How sad. EIGHT!

Before I head home, I decided to visit the café and give its Lemongrass Tea a try. And believed me, it was fabulous. If you are visiting Chathuchak market, make sure you make a stop there. It’s called Café Nice or was it Café Ice? It’s located near the Art Gallery section. The shop have two special tea, the Lemongrass Tea with Honey and the Ginger Tea with Brown Sugar. Since I don’t think I’ll enjoy ginger tea, I decided to give the lemongrass a tried.

While it cost 80 baht, it came in a large pot, roughly about 3-4 cups. The only thing I would advice is to don’t put too much honey in it, else it will be too sweet. It was really a cooling drink. Give it a try.


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