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Friday, November 02, 2007

Contented = Refused to change = Denial?

In this world, there are people who are just contented with where, who and what they are. This is really something that i just could not understand especially those that has yet to reach their golden age. Even the Golden Girls are seeking challenges here and there.

Oh, who am i talking about? It's the production people in my company. Part of their role is to help us to do the charting aka pulling out the data from the tabulation and put it into chart form, as simple as that. While i have no problem of their performance but there are times when it is really annoying when instead of putting in your effort in analyzing the data, you put more time in making the chart readable, don't even talk about presentable.

A chart with font size '8'. Gosh! It's like all they care is to extract the data into the chart, and that's it. I have to squint my eyes to look at the numbers. Don't they realized that the minimum font size should be '10'. Gosh!!!!!!!

Another thing is the usage of color. Again, all they care about is to have the line color differentiated without even care about it being readable or not. light shade of pink or purple. Current wave vs previous wave of which the color of previous wave line is much much prominent and bolder than current wave. Gosh!!!!

I don't think that i'm being picky or too's just Presentation 101. Basic stuff. Just like you should know not to wear a white socks with a black leather shoes...unless you are Michael Jackson, else it's horrendous!


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