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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Generation Laptop-ers

It was kinda late, and I have yet to finish watching Pirates of the Caribbean 3, which was quite a lengthy movie, indeed. And then my friend arrived. To find a relatively nice place to hang out at night around my place is not that easy but also not too difficult. And since I’ve been planning to make a visit to this restaurant called Old Town for some time, I made it a point to take my friend there.

As we reached the place, we found that the ground floor was already crowded with people, young and old, properly dressed and ‘jinjang-ish’ dressed. Fortunately, the first floor still has some empty tables, but not a lot.

To my surprise, there are people with their laptops in this place. I mean, one will normally find these people in Starbucks…but a modern ‘kopitiam’? Hotspot available? I’m impressed!

Come to think of it, was it the place or was it the trend? Generally, to support the trend of the ‘laptop-ers’, the place need to have the right ambience and image, else one will be quite standout. But then, when the trend setters make it an acceptable place, then the trend will just simply be adapted.

Old Town White Coffee (the name of the restaurant) is not really a bad place but with its modern ‘kopitiam’ image, I still couldn’t accept it to be a place for us, the laptop-ers. Being a modern ‘kopitiam’ doesn’t mean it’s Starbucks. Or was it that I’ve been staying in Bangkok for the past few months, that I’m just getting outdated with the KL trend?

So, when has a modern kopitiam becoming a trendy, technology-friendly café? When has Old Town became the New Town?

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