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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another Kraving Episode

B: Where are you going?
A: Out
B: Why?
A: I'm having a k-raving
B: A what?
A: A K-raving!
B: a craving.
A: No..not just any craving but a K-raving.
B: what are you craving for?
A: Chocolates
B: You are gonna buy some chocolate bars?
A: No. Ice cream and milk.
B: But I thought you are craving for chocolates.
A: I'm getting a chocolate ice cream and chocolate milk
B: why two?
A: Well, one's frozen and the other's a liquid
B: And...
A: I'm gonna put the ice cream into the milk
B: But both are chocolate milk anyway...
A: (eyes rolling) yeah i know. But I'm K-raving.
B: It's raining
A: It's drizzling
B: You'll get wet
A: I have an umbrella...



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