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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Still Ridiculous

While there are restaurants trying its best to satisfy the customers, there are also restaurants who try its best in annoying the customers.

Yep, it's still the ridiculous restaurant which I nag about recently. I was late to work today, so decided to stop by McD to grab myself a mocha. It was almost 9am, still considered to be peak hour, no?

Anyway, there was only one customer at the counter, and by the time i reached the counter, the customer has already left, so there's no queue. I order my mocha with low fat milk and paid the cashier. Then i start to notice something...the staff who's preparing my mocha have no idea how to prepare it. Firstly, she asked the staff manning the counter if the milk she's holding is the right milk (HELLO! the pack obviously stated low fat!) Gee-bus. Then she was also asking something else, which i could not recall.

I went to the receiving station and saw a supervisor/manager explaining to another staff how to prepare cappucino. Hmmm...i thought McD should have a separate place for training the staff and all staff should be trained before sending them to work in the outlet. And furthermore, you don't train your staff during peak hour which will slow down the production and very well annoyed the customers. It's peak hour...people are rushing to get into the office.

Fortunately, the supervisor/manager is being very professional, where she smile and keep contact with the waiting customer, telling them it will be ready soon, etc.

Not very ridiculous but still ridiculous.

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