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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The End of 2006

My summary of 2006.

January – ‘You Should Go to the Philippines and Get Yourself Kidnapped’
I tendered my resignation to a company that built & shaped my career since 2000. I guess I’ve grown up and wanted to go out and see the world. My ex-boss insisted that this is an ‘attempt suicide’ decision. [Yes, I can still remember those hurtful words]

February – ‘Braving for a New Change’
Surviving another Chinese New Year celebration while putting much effort in dodging the ‘why am I still single’ question. Also spent my last day in my ex-company avoiding people, avoiding those unnecessarily sad moments. Successfully settled the visa and say goodbye to Malaysia, my home country.

March – ‘What’s New Bangkok?’
Marching into a new country, a new company and a new house. Everything is NEW!

April – ‘Hopping Home’
Made a quick trip back home during the Songkla holidays. Not a very enjoyable one due to some bad news at home.

July – ‘Hopping Home Pt. 2’
Academy Fantasia 3 started in Bangkok. The craze started again with everyone giving their professional feedback on who’s the best and who’s the worst. I went home for the second time, to a much different home.
My division had its own annual outing. So the management to take this opportunity to also have a management meeting which started a day earlier but it took much longer than expected. I took a quick nap after gym and waking up about an hour after the dinner started. Not a very enjoyable outing for me.

September – ‘Goodbye Nokia, Hello Moto!’
My company mobile phone of less than 6 months got stolen or got lost. Could not recall how it happens. It just did. Got myself a new phone, not my most preferred model but still great. Hello Moto! I’m Back! Back at work, I think I kinda got blacklisted by the Science Measurement team for doing something that is so non-statistically sound. The debate of business vs textbook continues…
I was watching this while the coup happened. It was such a peaceful and smooth event that I had to be made aware of the situation by a friend in Malaysia. I stayed up watching this channel before it got blocked and switched to the internet for updates. But got tired and slept at about 3am and woke up to a holiday, a quite and peaceful day.

October – ‘I Say A Little Prayer For You’
My cousin got hitched! So had to head home again. Was out almost daily, of which there was a day where I woke up, dressed up, went out and not truly back home until the wee morning hours.
My company had its Sports Day. Went to the indoor stadium, bored myself out for few hours before headed home.

November – ‘Underperformed’
Not that it was my fault but if the clients do not want to commission the job to me, there’s nothing I can do. So, with the company ended it’s physical year, I’m officially underperformed!
Got myself involved in the company’s annual Dance and Dinner performance. There goes my Tuesday and Thursday evening, learning how to ‘cha cha’ and ‘El-nino’.

December – It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!
Got my 5 seconds to stardom during the annual dinner show. Yipee. My family came to visit, making a mess out of my house and increase my stress level to stage 2. Hello acne & rashes!

Well, what a wonderful year celebrating my independence!


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