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Monday, November 27, 2006

BB so Not Patpong

Surprisingly not much interesting news this week. If you were wondering whassup with Bangkok, well, it's kinda (yawn!) so-so. Everyday, the news printed on the newspaper is kinda the same. It's on the Thaksin business dealings, the martial law and of course the intense situation in the South. I just don't understand these insurgents. WTF do they really want? Can't they just stop being such a F coward and come out from their closet and speak their mind. While people with different sexual orientation do hide in their closet, but at least they are not hurting innocence.

Anyway, I was reading the Malaysia news and find it outrageous to compare Bukit Bintang with Patpong. While both places are filled with tourist, both are totally NOT the same. Bukit Bintang area is very much a rojak place, with great shopping centers, great restaurants, the Jalan Alor hawker centers, the bars nearby. Patpong is more a night street market surrounded by bars and disco. How can one even think of comparing these two not in the same league.


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