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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Something Funny...

Not sure why but I had this crazy craving for ice-cream after a meal of Green curry chicken/ prawn/ vegetables. I ended up brazing the dark alley to the nearest only convenient store. And just for a silly craving. Anyway, read this news article about Thailand's newest airport. Find it funny and thought of sharing with you guys.

Last week it was a tank, this week it is Suvarnabhumi airport for parents taking their children on days out.
But sightseers have been asked to give the airport a break after traffic was clogged, food shops sold out, and family picnics were spotted here and there - particularly yesterday, a Saturday.
''Please. There is no need to hurry. Suvarnabhumi will be here for decades. Next year is never too late [for admirers],'' Airports of Thailand president Chotisak Asapaviriya said.
Mr Chotisak admitted Suvarnabhumi had encountered an unexpected problem. Whole families have been going to send off a relative and get up close and personal with Thailand's latest pride. Some go just for pleasure.
Officials were entrusted to speed up the traffic flow and discourage family group photos and picnics on the road in and out of the airport. Traffic cones were placed along the curve of the exit to Rom Klao road, which is said to be a great scenic spot to capture the beautiful angles of the terminal and airplanes coming in and out of runways.
The atmosphere is much more pleasant outside, where hundreds simply enjoy the view from afar. As an airplane roared while descending onto a runway, the crowd cheered on. The plane flew above sightseers who packed the elevated Kingkaew road running alongside the airport.

Source: BangkokPost


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