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Saturday, July 15, 2006

It's All Coming Back To Me Now

I already knew something was not that right about me as I landed myself back in Bangkok after a short trip back home. My throat started to give me those funny feelings and my gum is not being kind to me as well. A few days later, I started to cough and this morning as I woke up, half of my nose is blocked. The bacterias are back, barely a month of getting rid of these nasty nano-soldiers. Now where did I store those amoxillin?

There are so many things I would like to do today and with time and energy being the barrier, I've decided to just visit Chatuchak market. As usual it's hot and crowded but being a 'smart' shopper, I managed to claw myself into the crowd and did my shopping and lunch within 2 hours. Quite satisfied with my achievement as I finally got the vases for my home. Here are the pictures of the vases and flowers.

It would have been much beautiful if the shop willing to give me discount. These wild flowers are damn expensive compared to roses. Cost me 200 baht for these where I could simply get two big bunches of roses.

Enough about me...let's have a quick nag about current events. When did the Israel-Hezbollah war started? ANd it's over two soldiers or that was just a lame reason. And this happen even before Bush decide to s**t on Iran and also North Korea. I'm sure Bush are very eager to use this war to start its invasion into Iran. The crude oil price just hit another peak...why can't this be the same for my company's revenue?

Now where is that vapor rub?


  • At 8:12 PM, Blogger MISYA said…

    Hey can i come and visit your house late August to see your vase and the red flowers if they are still alive?


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