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Monday, July 17, 2006

And I Begin to Wonder Pt. 2: Invasion of the MEs

While Israel and Hezbollah continue to throw bomb at each other, creating a whole chunck of mess and producing additional heat to speed up the iceberg melting process and possibly enlarging the hole in the ozone layer, the MEs have arrived in Bangkok.

On any normal Sunday and Thursday, I would be greeted by either Caucasians or Thais in the lift at the Landmark Hotel. But not last Sunday. As the door to the lift open, a couple with a baby in the stroller was inside. But since the lift is going down, I decide to wait. As the door opened again, I saw the same couple inside (and i begin to wonder...). So I move in while the wife was mumbling some ME language (basically they were lost!) and decide to press Basement (the lift was going up now) and husband mumbling something and she quickly pressed Lobby. When the lift reached Lobby, they began to wonder where the hell are they but decide to get out. FYI, the lift only access to the following floors: 4th, 3rd, Lobby, Ground and Basement. And yet these invaders got lost.

After completing my combat class, with my hamstring giving me all those warnings, 4 young MEs walked into the studio. The two females were well wrapped up (not in sports attire!) and look zombified. the trainer and the last few combat participants also began to wonder...(WTF are they doing here since the combat was the last class of the day). These MEs started to move closer to the trainer as I left the exercise studio. Within seconds, i noted these zombified MEs walked out while mumbling some zombie language.

I only realise the invasion when I stopped by the 24 hours supermarket nearby. And there they are, a whole bunch of MEs, some with their noisy brats. And I begin to wonder whether I have walked into the twilight zone. The most shocking thing was the salesgirl in the Papa Roti shop. I couldn't recall seeing any Muslim in the shop previously and now there was one. Was she purposely recruited to sell these stupid Roti Boy lookalikes to these MEs or was she purposely "dressed up" for that? And I begin to wonder.......


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