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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sorry, I Can't Speak Thai (Duh!)

I had my first outing in Thailand last week. Hua Hin was the place. Located about 200+km south of Bangkok, it was one of the earliest beach area in Thailand. Unlike Malaysia’s Port Dickson, I was very surprise that Hua Hin is very well maintained. Since it was a company outing, we were staying in a 5 star resort called the Dusit Resort. Since the resort was located near the main town, it acted more of a Hotel than a resort.

The first day was a working day since the management decided to come here a day earlier to have a so-called workshop amongst the team leaders. After a great lunch at the resort’s main restaurant, we started our meeting at 2.00pm and did not stop until about 8pm, when the hotel staff came to inform us our time is up.

We went out to another spa resort for dinner. Called the Veranda Spa & Resort. Not that huge a place but definitely zen-ish. The hotel itself is just about 4 storeys high, projecting a boutique spa-ish type of resort. And seems to be not cheap. It was very quite with not much lighting. The restaurant was located towards the back of the hotel, near the beach. Since it was a Thursday, the place was quite empty and filled with foreign tourist. A club-ish music was playing at a low volume, which kinda match the modern zenish deco of the open-air restaurant. Food was just an average affair, not value for money. We continue the meeting back at the hotel until 1.30am and finally get the chance to bath and sleep.

The second day (which was the first official day of the outing) was another sad affair (for me). Breakfast was okay. Chose the open-air seat, which was near the koi-fish pond. Surprisingly, there’s one bird that kept hopping between tables, hoping to get food from the patrons. Surprisingly, once you gave it a bit of food, it will became braver and hop much nearer to you. Anyway, we continue our meeting until 4pm. By 2ish, I’ve actually shut down my brain.

So…it was not much of an outing for me but was glad that my sub-ordinates were enjoying themselves. Hua Hin is definitely a great place to go for a few days break from the busy urban life. Not so much commercialise like Samui or Pattaya. Hmmm.. I do have plan of returning to this place in the future.
Oh…about the title. It was quite funny that during the dinner in the hotel, one of the waitress actually inform me that she can’t speak Thai. That was something I do not usually hear (except coming from my mouth). WTF is she doing there if she can’t speak Thai. Funny!


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