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Friday, July 28, 2006

What's Spinning?

1. SEXYBACK. Definitely my Top 5 for the month of August. The much anticipated comeback single from JT. Not just the song sounds different from his previous songs, his vocal also sounded different. Strong and hard beat. Reminds me of Robin Thicke's Wanna Love You Girl.

2. GET TOGETHER (JLC Remix) Since the fourth single is only going to be available in September, Get Together will still be a spinning track for me. I'm still waiting for the Maxi Single to be available in Bangkok. Last check with WB Thai, it should be available but not sure why no record store is carrying it.

3. PROMISCOUS GIRL. I believed within Asia region, the first track from the Loose album that we get to hear is Maneater, instead of this track. Promiscous Girl is currently enjoying its fifth week on top of Billboard Hot 100. Not to be surprise since this track actually have similar concept as SEXYBACK (or is it the other way round). Definitely a much better track than ManEater.

4. BECAUSE OF YOU (Jason Nevis Remix) Not a new track but will continue to get its spinning in my mind, mostly because it is a track used in my combat class (the cooling down track) and also I'd recently obtained a bootleg remix version of this track plus the constant spinning of the Jason Nevins Mix from Launchcast have me continuously hooked to it.


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