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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Worth It Being Mia-ed

I kinda regret when I decided not to buy this album a week ago, and since there is no CD shops in my work place, I tried to search for the bootleg version and to my surprise there was none. Which normally indicate one thing...there's no demand for it.

But I took the risk and went to the CD shop I visited last week and bought it. I mean what is the likelihood that it will be crap considering it's ABBA songs. The only minor issue is that it's perform by people better known on the movie screens than on CDs. Meryl Streep? Pierce Brosnan?

Besides Pierce Brosnan, this OST didn't really suck. In fact it was quite good including the almost unrecognizable voice of Meryl Streep. Most of the songs here have been well-sung by many people including Erasure in their ABBA-esque EP.

Funnily, the outstanding songs here are the lesser known ones - Our Last Summer and The Name of The Game. Our Last Summer is definitely my favorite besides the hidden track, Thank You For the Music.

If you have yet to own any ABBA CDs, it's time to get this one then go and watch the movie.

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