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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Enjoying the Remixes

While the original version was not bad but it is definitely the Freemanson Club Mix that brought this track to the club scene.

Both the main version as well as the Soul Seekerz club mix are to dance for.

While she released the maxi-single in the US consist of 8 club mixes, the UK fans will have to bear with just the Tong & Spoon mixes (which have the extended mix, the radio edit and the dub mix). And of those 8 tracks, it is the Tong & Spoon mix that really had fans buzzing about.

The remixers here are of lesser known but still provide a good club beat to this lovely song. The Ian Carey vocal mix had to be one of my favorite.

The original version which was fully built up on Lenny Kravitz's It Ain't Over Till It's Over is a good song on its own and really do not need any remix to boost it up.
Full Phat remix tend to tone down the sampling and put up a heavier synthesized beats to it. But the one to look for is definitely the Moto Blanco mix.

This is actually the maxi-single which boast quite a list of club mixes but it was the Josh Harris Edit and the Mix Show Edit that stand out the most.

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