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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Just Washed My Shoes!

There I was walking home after a heavy dinner that it started to drizzle and then it pour. And the only thing I could think of right at that moment is my sandal. I just washed it this afternoon!

It's Mother's Day here in Thailand it's a public holiday. But I'm just too lazy to cook, so I eventually ventured out and ended up at this corner place (some kind of Beer Garden) about 15 minutes walking distance from my place.

Not even sure what it's called but I just went it. It served common Thai dishes, and also had its coffee beverage as its specialty. I ordered a Sweet & Sour pork (which come in a large portion, for 2 people) and the Omelette rice, basically steam rice, top with a large fat omelette. Of course, I also ordered the Coffee which came in 3 strength level, Strong, Medium and Light. I had the Medium, which is actually quite strong and bitter.

Right in the middle of my meal, the staff pass me a yellow candle. Stunned, I looked at her with a 'WTF do you want me to do with it' look. She pointed outside and there, a number of staff were standing and starting the praying process. Then I's the Mother's Day thingy.

Basically, everyone will pray in front of the Queen's photo, and sing a song and ended up with some form of 'long live' praise. Interesting.

Going back to the's not bad...large portion but a bit pricey. With the coffee, it cost me 300baht but then, it could have been for two people.


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