It's Not Nag, It's Just Me

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Are you okay?

Have you ever find yourself waking up not knowing what happen in the last few moments before you eventually fell asleep?
Are all of us, in a way, like sadism? Torturing ourselves physically or emotionally? Why do we like to seek for unhappiness, frustrations, anger, etc when we could all be just happy? Is that what we are? Unable to enjoy life as it is?

My Hotmail indicate 12 mails in the inbox...did i not check my inbox lately or suddenly i just got notice by friends, strangers, spammers, etc?
Did I say that i loathe you? Did I say that I want to? these two phrases coming from the song that continue to send me downhill. After years of getting used to the number 26, now i have a new number to live with almost on a daily basis. 27. Was it a good number? Or does it matter? Will things be better with 27? Or it is just a number since it is who we are that control the situation?

Am I making a big mistake by telling the truth? Are we not supposed to be transparent? Aren't we been taught to set goals, to set targets? But why when we set a certain goal, we are seen to be making silly goals, irrational targets? Isn't any goal better than having none?

Are we okay? Are we...?


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