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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pattaya Fried Rice

Well, this entry ain't coming from Starbucks but from a hotel room in Pattaya.

Things did not turn up as scheduled or expected for me as usual. The class ended 15 minutes later than expected due to some debate on the Thai word usage or definition. Then the rush to get all the required stuff into the bag and the rush to the bus station.

Based on what was reported in the world wide web, the time took to reach Pattaya by bus should not take more than 2.5 hours. Anticipating that we manage to catch the 12.30-is bus (seems there's one every 30 minutes), we should reach Pattaya before 3pm, which will give me much ample time to rest, do some work before conducting my audit work for dinner.

Unfortunately, it took more than 4 hours and those of you who knew me, I get all stressed up if things went beyond my control, schedule and planned all went awry. I still remembered when I was the event organising chairman for my ex-company annual dinner in the 6 star hotel ballroom. On that day, it rain cats and dogs, most of my committee members arrived late mainly because they were busy doing their hairs and make-ups...leaving a lot of things not done yet. And that evening, I really let all the vulgar words out to all my committee members.

Anyway, coming back to the trip, honestly, it was kinda dreadful considering it was a hot Saturday afternoon, it's a 4 hours trip with many stops and many on and off passengers, not much sign was seen on the distance to Pattaya except for the sign 'to Pattaya'.

I finally reached the hotel at 4.30pm, tired, stressed up, thirsty and hungry. Luckily, the staff at the hotel were very professional, providing good service without me having the need to use my Thai language. The room was quite neat and comfy with the exception of the ridiculous toilet, reminds me of the hotel i stayed when i was in Tokyo.

To make it worse, the Wi-Fi was not free at all. Since i'm already hooked up to the internet these days, i decided to pay for it and get on with life. Okay, the results of my audit in the next entry.



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