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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Interesting news from Malaysia

This was something that I did while trying to kill time last Friday. Interesting and funny news from my home country.

1. 5A student jumped from 2nd floor....This is the most stupid thing I've read. People celebrate the last day of school by going to cinema, have house party follow by sex, damaging the class room, etc...but no, he had to jump from the 2nd floor...i wonder how did he score 5As in his UPSR. I'm quite sure an intelligent student will know about the risk, taking into the height, his weight, the gravity force, etc. one word: STUPID!

2. "He's INNOCENT". So claimed the wife of the polictical analyst who is being charged of abetting the murder of the Mongolian model. So, is he or is he not? I believed that's the RM1.1million question. Based on the words coming out from the wife inside the court, it seems she was comparing this case with Anwar case (the ex-Deputy Prime Minister who were being charged of sodomy). Hmmm...interesting. If he's really innocent like a friend of mine said, then it will be very interesting to know why him of all the other possible scapegoats? WHY? What was his role in the political scene that had such potential threat (if it's a frameup job)? I guess it's another He Said She Said case.

3. It's only RAPE, if witness by 4 Males. Okay, not a Malaysia news but read it over Yahoo about a recent development in Pakistan to delete that stupid ruling highlighted. Gee...what kind of a stupid rule was that? If there were 4 males witnessing the rape, there could only be two's either going to end up as a Gang Rape or the rapist is going to be beaten to death. 4 MALEs, people. I guess the females in Pakistan will normally go out in the company of at least 5 males, in case one turns out to be the rapist.

4. Salima has a problem. This is a very sad and chilling case where a mother killed her 3 year old child, and ask her step-son to be the scapegoat. And the husband admitted that her wife has a problem. Of course your wife has a problem. What kind of a mother will beat her son until the leg is fracture when the child is only 15 mths old? "I do not have time" that's the reason he did not push his wife to visit the psychologist...well let me tell you one thing, we will never (EVER) have time. If my sis-in-law beat her son like this Salima, I'm surely going to kick the ass out of her. Fortunately, she's a nice mother. There is always time,


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