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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Continue to milk our money

I do hope that this will be the last release of Rihanna's Good Girl Gone Bad album as I could not think of any other possibilities that the record company could release any more crazy version of this brilliant album.
Back in 2007, in Europe and in Asia, a enhance version of the Good Girl Gone Bad album was released which come with a 2nd disc, that consist of key remixes of tracks in that album. Of course, back then, Take A Bow has yet to be recorded and so was the track with Maroon 5.
in 2008, a Reloaded version was released with the two songs mentioned but minus the remixes.
And in early 2009, after 2 years the album was released, we got a Remix album. And for those who already had that 2007 Special Edition, there's really nothing new and worth to purchase since that disc contains 12 remixes, of which 8 of those tracks were featured in this new Remix album.
So, what's new and what's missing?
New tracks:
Disturbia (Jody den Broeder Mix)
Don't Stop the Music (Jody den Broeder Mix)
Take A Bow (Tony Moran Mix)
Umbrella (Lindbergh Mix)
Don't Stop the Music (Wideboys Mix)
Haunted (Steve Mac Mix) - a track from previous album
Cry (Steve Mac Mix) - a track from previous album
SOS (Digital Dog Mix) - a track from previous album
So, is it worth to purchase this new Remix album? that really depends. If you have yet to purchase that 2007 special edition, then probably yes.
Most of the mixes are quite okay, and if you are an avid clubber, you would already have listen to most of those mixes anyway. However, the Jody's mix of Don't Stop the Music featured here is not the Big Room mix version, which was a better mix.
Perhaps they should have compiled a much updated or rare remixes rather than these common ones. Example, the Tracy Young mix of DSTM was an exceptionally refreshing track.

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