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Saturday, February 21, 2009

This year is definitely going to be Hot

If 2008 was all about Indie and Batman, well...2009 will be even crazier.
Firstly the pre-summer movies.

Ermmm....Not really a fan of Nicolas Cage despite having watched quite a number of its movies including Ghost Rider.
anyway, this is another 'disaster movie' with possibly aliens in it.
The concept, i believed will be similar to the TV series, Numbers where Nicolas Cage is able to break the code (a piece of paper with supposedly random numbers) buried in the ground 50 yrs ago by someone....and will try to stop future disaster based on those numbers.

The movie is finally released and is ending up being a pre-summer movie for 2009. Not for the mass...mainly for those who like the way SIn City adn 300 were directed.

Who could've guess that Part 4 is possible for TF&F.
I've not watch any of the first 3, so will continue to skip this.

Things will get crazy beginning of May. So here are the list of more notable summer movies for 2009.

Accidentally watch T1, purposely watch T2, partially watch T3...will T4 be great? I hope so in view of the not so bad Sarah Connor Cronicles TV Series. I do hope so.

The book was a pre-quel to Da Vinci Code...but i'm not sure if the movie will be in the direction of Prequel or Sequel. Either way, watched the trailer and looks set to be another great movie.

Have you watched the official trailer released recently? It's scary! and it's definitely looks much better than part 1.

Besides Wolverine, audience will definitely go to this movie for two other characters; Gambit and Deadpool. Nuff said!

mmmm.................wonder what else this Ice Age series could bring to excite us.

Can't wait can't wait can't wait..............

Until today, no picture of Cobra had been released..not even in the trailer.....i wonder if it will end up like Star Wars Part III where Cobra will only become Cobra towards the end of the movie, that will open the door for GI Joe II.

Never a Trekkie and never will be.

Other mentionable movies to look for:
A Nigth at the Museum 2: watched the trailer, will probably wait for the DVD.
Saw VI. I actually stopped at Saw III and I might probably need to get into IV adn V first.
Bruno. (the 'sequel' to Borat). Er....DVD.
Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakle - need to buy the DVD for the first movie.
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time - until the trailer is released, i'm going to stay neutral on this one.
Oh...what about Dragonball and Chun Li..., well...............................



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