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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Day My Life Kinda Stand stills....

i've been practically doing nothing for the past 12 hours except surfing the net, updating the blog and nap. And i guess this is what one is supposed to do when housesitting.

I was given this task by my friend as the construction people were supposed to come to the house to do some major fixing but alas, the construction person only came, observed, and left. I guess my responsibility as a Housesitter kinda completes.

Housesitting could be interesting and fun especially if the house one is sitting have many things to be discovered or to be enjoyed. Unfortunately, this house belongs to a bachelor, a bachelor who rarely at home or in town due to work requirements, hence, the house is practically empty.

The TV is in the master bedroom, which it'll be unethical for me to go to the room, lie on the bed and watch the TV. Even if I did, there'll be nothing to watch since there's no cable TV.

The two chihuahua are exceptionally quite and homebound but it gets a bit tiresome after a while when all these bitches could do are wag its tail, lick, bite and ran around your leg...and sooner or later, it too became tired of me and decided to lie down.

One fortunate thing is that there's WiFi which means I could still entertain myself, hence this entry.

i think i'll sleep early i'm very much confined in the guest room (the living room are without fan/aircond and no TV)...really not much to enjoy there...

well, that's part of housesitting, for free too...hahaha.



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