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Friday, January 02, 2009

I really do not wish to make a review out of this album namely because it's been weeks since I have it and I'm still not very excited about it. Honestly, this ain't Beautiful World (their comeback album) but it doesn't mean that it's bad.

But since I have time to burn while being stucked in the airport, I guess I might as well make my peace with this album.

Yes, it was one of the best selling album in UK for 2008 but like what D'Luv mentioned, perhaps it was too much Mark Owen and too less Gary Barlow.

The opening track, The Garden was quite nice with a soft piano intro, then came the husky vocal of Mark Owen which was okay until Gary Barlow....

Greatest Day was okay but ain't Patience (their initial comeback single).

Hello is definitely a gem here which reminds me of Shine and again nicely led by Mark.

The Circus was quite good, at least better than Britney's.

The next gem on the CD had to be How Did It Come To This, which was led by Howard or was it Jason (just like how Wooden Boat being the treasure in Beautiful World).

Howard's make a very chilling yet comfy vocal to What Is Love, though not very outstanding but a very good night track.

In the Asia released album, the album officially ended with Hold Up A Light, another Mark's led track. Jumpy and fun. Curiously, the 12th track Here (in the Europe version) is not in the album but She Said, the hidden track is. A very nice fun track, chacha and salsa....definitely a good one to end the album.

Overall, another good effort from the lads...showing their maturity, moving away from cheesy dance pop and going into more indie/rock pop.

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