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Friday, January 02, 2009


So how had your last day of 2008 been? And how was 2008 been for you?
It had to be one of the most happening year since 9-11 period. An African American president, Opposition taking over some of the key States in M’sia, closure of the international airport in Thailand and also three Thai Prime Ministers, all in a year.

Like the fuel price, my life in 2008 also experienced the up and finally the downs.

Work wise, it’s the usual affair with the global management continue their changes as I (and my small team) was once again shifted to another team, hence my third boss in my third year in this company. Starting from Customized to TCS (merging with Retail) then to One Voice (FMCG focused but physically split from Retail) and now I am a CL (on paper that is). 2009 looks even scarier.

Personal wise, it had to be one of my worst as CNN would have reported that I found myself falling deep into the abyss. The LDR ended, the short re-bound ended and my depression state of mind had me making big mistakes that left some scars for the months to come.

So goodbye 2008 and hello 2009. I’m not going to make much expectation for 2009 but just pray that everyone will survive with no major bruises. It will be a tough year and I believed a turning point for me as well as I will be celebrating my decadence in Market Research.

p/s SLOH…if only I could turn back time.


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