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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Stranger to My Own Room

After enduring 2 hours of delay, my first such experience with Air Asia, the flight finally took off. It has been quite a bad day right from the beginning. My planned trip to Cambodia was somehow shaken due to the client insist of having my presence despite my exec availability. Then our secretary informed me that I’m supposed to obtain a Visa to travel to Cambodia…and I was like, “Huh? I thought having a Thai visa should be okay to enter Cambodia”. Luckily she later reconfirmed that I can do a ‘Visa on arrival’ rather than applied in Bangkok which took 3 days. So, I ended up shortening my trip from 3 days to 2 days…meaning not much rest at all.

While the trip to the airport was smooth and going through the check-in counter was okay as well as the immigration, it was learning that the Burger King/ Pizza shops were closed just ruined my day. Basically, the only place that provide plug-in point for Laptop in the airport was Burger King. And since I need to have a long session with my exec, I had to go hunting for a shop with the proper facilities but to no avail. Hence, my laptop batt gone which was fine until the announcement of further delay of the flight due to technical problems. Instead of the initial one hour delayed, it was now delayed until further notice. And since I decided not to bring a novel with me, I was really left with nothing much to do…so I decided to listen to the music from my phone…which left my batt low as well. Damn! Why can’t the airport have plug in points for us, the so-called generation Laptop-ers.

The flight seems longer than usual, though it’s still two hours, probably because I have nothing to do. And the flight was unusually filled with Malaysians, hence going through the Custom took longer than usual…and with the delay, the luggage coming out from the conveyer belt also took longer than usual.

The whole gang (my mom, bro and family) was there to pick me up, however, with my sis-in-law’s car, which is relatively smaller. God knows what was on my bro’s mind. The trip back to the house also felt longer.

After reaching home, and settle the stuff everyone had requested to purchase, I told mom that I’m going out (for supper). It has been a very long time since I had my Mamak food…so I had a Roti Telur and Teh Ais Kurang Manis (Ice Tea, Less Sweet) which had never tasted better. Mom did not say much although she would have preferred me staying home and eat bread and drink her hot English tea.

But it was going back to my room for shower had me feeling that this doesn’t feel like my room anymore. While my stuff are still there, there are also new stuff that doesn’t belong to me or I just could not remember. It has only been 4 months since my last trip but I find myself being more and more of a stranger to this room that I used to hide myself for days and nights. The bedsheet was new but it was not my style…the bathroom had toothbrush, toothpaste and facial cleanser that’s totally not mine. And so is that lavender lotion on my shelf. The clothes in the closet seems like stranger to me that I totally forgot I have such items. I definitely need to do some spring cleaning and throw out whatever that’s too out-of-fashion. I’ve also start to look at each and every toiletry that seemed to be mine for its expiry date. Those products DID have expiry date!

Despite my regular short trip back to KL, I do find myself being more and more of a stranger to this city. My bro has already informed me about changes to the road, closing down of the food court, the car cleaning set that my bro purchase, as if he had open a car cleaning/polishing business. And what’s worst is that his car is just a bloody Proton Waja (a local manufactured sedan!). Talk about OVER!

I’m actually writing this in the living room, it’s 2.20am but I’m still in Thailand time zone…so it’s just 1.20am…and going back to my room somehow did not feel very positive like it used to.

I wonder, did the room felt the same way as I do?

Updates: Did not had much sleep as well...was it the bed or was it the room?



  • At 7:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think it's me! hahahahahaaaaaa

  • At 9:41 AM, Anonymous Ang said…

    Very strange entry. from Cambodian suddenly jumped to Malaysian trip. Was that a mistake?!


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